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A Solution For Smart Material Handling.

Why Yard Management System?

The storage and retrieval of products, both during intermediate stages of manufacturing and at the time of dispatch to the customer, plays a vital role in improving the efficiency of the logistics operations and inventory management. The Generic Yard Management System (GYMS) automates the receipt, storage, dispatch and tracking of materials, leading to improved visibility of inventory, lower product handling time, optimization of storage and transportation, and improved planning, forecasting and order fulfillment.

Generic Yard Management System (GYMS) is an integrated product that takes care of various kinds of material handling. The system provides various options to customize different resources in the yard and plug-in options to integrate new functions. The system has generic templates for interfacing with other systems.

Generic Yard Management System provides comprehensive automation solution in asset visibility control and optimization in material handling by extending real-time control and management to yard operations. The system is developed using latest and robust technology to make it a scalable, reliable and platform independent product in material handling.


Features of GYMS

  • Easy to use human machine interface for real time visibility of all yard activities
  • Hand held terminal for the operator to perform field verification and server communication
  • Interfaces with business planning systems, process lines and crane automation systems
  • Centralised database to manage all activities from receipt to dispatch of materials
  • User friendly & configurable
  • Data archive for future analysis


Key Benefits of GYMS

  • Real time visibility of inventory and shipments.
  • Real time tracking of location of materials.
  • Reduced material handling time.
  • Efficient work order management to reduce loading, unloading & wait time of vehicles.
  • Prioritisation of transportation as per business needs.
  • Reduction in demurrage.
  • Optimisation of material storage with proper zone and search criteria as per business logic.
  • Enhanced safety since the movement of operator inside the hostile environment of material yard is avoided.
  • Online reports on crane performance, yard inventory, execution time and VIVO (Vehicle In and Vehicle Out) time
  • Hand Held Terminals (HHTs) for operator for communication with server.