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Smart Management of Iron Buffer in Steel Plants

Why Torpedo Ladle Tracking System?

The Torpedo Ladles Cars (TLCs)in steel plants serve as capacity buffers of hot metal to the blast furnaces and as feed buffers of hot metal to the steel making shops. Efficient co-ordination of torpedo ladles is of paramount importance to any steel plant for minimizing hot metal dumping and ensuring optimum supply of hot metal to the steel making shops.


Key Features

  • Online data of hot metal production
  • Online tracking of TLCs’ position & weight.
  • System predicts the TLC re-lining schedule based on tare weight and TLC condition.
  • Online consumption of hot metal at steel making shops.
  • Breakdown & maintenance reports of TLCs.
  • Online chemistry of hot metal to enable steel melting shops to achieve desired steel grades.


How Does It Work?

The system provides online information about the position of the TLC and it’s status as “Empty” or “Full”, it’s weight and travel time between given points through a radio frequency identification system.

Online display of buffer status, caster rates and production levels of steelmaking shops to reduce dumping of good quality hot metal by smart management of TLCs.

Interfacing between the Level2 systems of the blast furnaces and steelmaking shops to enable information flow required for judicious scheduling of the TLCs and decisions related to hot metal quality.

Breakdown and planned maintenance data of TLCs to enable buffer calculation


The Key Benefits!

Information exchange between blast furnaces, steel making shops and logistics departments to enable decision making and improved co-ordination.

Optimum buffer availability at blast furnaces and steel making shops

Online availability of hot metal chemistry to enable quality improvement and reduce dumping

Online reports of TLC maintenance schedules and prediction of relining schedule.