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A Software Solution for Laboratory Information Management for Steel Industries


Laboratory Management System is a software focused on informative, efficient & cost effective management of steel chemistry data in a steel plant with the objective of providing online data to steel making process for model calculation, verification & accelerated decision making. It enhances the data visibility across the steel plant in real time & archives the data for future analysis. It also helps to monitor the performance of the laboratories.



  • Web based software
  • Real time data for hot metal, steel& slag analysis etc.
  • Monitoring of laboratory performance through time taken for analysis & report preparation
  • Integrated analytical tools like control charts etc.
  • Facility for verification of steel chemistry against specifications
  • Facility for suggesting possible grades in case of chemistry deviation
  • Excel downloadable reports
  • Customisable as per user requirement
  • Multi‐user system
  • Search facilities
  • Reports available in desired formats



  • Facilitates data based decisions & reduces decision time
  • Improves data integrity across the plant
  • User friendly Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
  • Can be used as a tool for process improvement as well as laboratory performance improvement