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The prime objective of the Raking operation is to skim out the slag formed at the end of the injection process to rid of the Sulfur from the hot metal coming out of Blast Furnaces. Raking is done manually, and operator takes the decision when to stop RAKING, thus judgment on the quantity of the remaining slag on the ladle surface rest with the operator. There could be chances of under as well as over raking. Both are detrimental. If it is under raked, more slag will go to the converter and thus chances of Sulfur reversal would be high. Similarly, in the case of over raking, high hot metal yield loss occurs. To prevent this scenario and to achieve standardized raking operation, an Image processing based Automatic Surface Slag detection system using Infrared Thermal Camera need to be developed. This system would continuously monitor the slag content on the ladle surface and initiate alarm if the slag content reaches a predefined threshold level set by the engineer or supervisor.

Benefits of smart raking system

  • Savings from hot metal yield
  • Standardization of the process
  • No chances of under as well as over raking