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The finishing lines of cold rolling mills require manual inspection of both surfaces of a coil for most precise and accurate capturing of surface and shape defects.

Defect logging system facilitates the logging of top and bottom surface defects found on a coil in an innovative, user-friendly, virtual coil map. Non-standard, new defects and/or any defect properties that need to be mentioned can easily be done using a free-hand drawing facility built into the system. The system decides the status of a coil depending upon its customer specification and the actual defects logged on it. This status is used for further processing and it's scheduling. This system also features an 'Expert System', which helps in deciding whether the coil can be 'Up-Graded to high end customers' / 'Fitted to less stringent customer specifications' w.r.t to surface and shape quality requirements. The expert system value is a metric of surface and shape qualities of the coil and is used for calculating the Product Quality Index of the coil. The system can be used for entering 'Close Inspection' details, which is done with the line in zero speed. Defect trend analysis and handling of customer complaints is made easy with the logged defects stored in database against the coil ID. One page report in which both the bottom and top surface are represented along with their defects, severity and location, virtually represents a coil with its surface and shape defects.

  • Important features of the system also include: Separate line online defect logging facility and automatic ACCEPT or HOLD decision w.r.t surface and shape standard of a coil.
  • Inspection of both top and bottom surface simultaneously and combined decision by the system.
  • On line feedback to previous process lines as inspection data is stored in a central server. An " Expert system result " facilitates the process of up-gradation or down-gradation w.r.t the quality of surface and shape.
  • Evaluation of severity of shape defects with inspector measured values of shape parameters. User-friendly reports aiding in decision making.