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Autodespatch is a web based real time production and monitoring system for open cast mines that enables the centralized monitoring, control and optimization of all mining activities.It tracks all the vehicles, enables optimum scheduling of operations and maximizes utilization of major assets.

Working Principle

Autodespatch is equipped with Global Positioning System(GPS) receiver and OBPU with radio modem. GPS is a fully Global Navigational Satellite System that transmits microwave signals. The system enables a GPS receiver to determine the real-time location of HEMMs. Operator feeds the inputs with the help of a touch screen which is processed with the help of an On Board Processing System. A radio modem transfers the data into the control room for tracking the HEMMs. The control room operator can see the real time positioning of each vehicle, mainly dumpers, and accordingly decide their assignment on real time basis.



Dynamic Allocation
Dynamic Allocation module assigns the source and destination location of the HEMM’s during a shift .It generates assignments for each of the HEMMS as soon as unloading of the current assignment is complete.

High Precision Drill Guidance System
This module is based on the Global Positioning System(GPS). This displayes the real-time location of Heavy Earth Moving Machine(HEMM) on a Geographical Information System (GIS). The GPS receiver guides drill machines to their correct location on the basis of the drilling schedule fed into the system.

Online Engine Monitoring System
Autodespatch monitors the health of the engine online using an Online Engine Monitoring System. Crucial parameters like temperature, pressure, engine run hours etc.are monitored. Customizable alarms can be generated for preventive maintenance and safety.

Attendence Recording and Scheduling
Autodespatch is capable of interfacing with attendance recording system. The operator’s attendance is fed into the system as soon as he swipes his identification card in the attendence recording machine.

The module is triggered in the beginning of a shift just after the attendance recording time expires and allocates available equipment to the operators considering their skills, priority of the operators etc.

Offline Data Correction
Autodespatch provides facility for making corrections in the captured data by the authorized personnel. Important parameters can be entered into the system and reports of complete mine performance can be generated using manual data entry screens.

Online Payload Monitoring
The payload system of a dumper can be integrated with autodespatch. Payloads carried by the dumpers is captured by the load cells of the dumpers and sent online. Thus, instead of mathematical approximations, the actual weight of the load is known.

Production cum Maintenance Planning and Monitoring Module
Using this module actual production figures can be tracked on a daily basis. The balance target production figure for the rest of the month can be extracted. Maintenance planning is also entered in the beginning of the month or year. The module updates every time maintenance is done for a particular vehicle.



  • Centralized on-line tracking of HEMMs on a GIS map.
  • Configurable GUI(Graphical User Interface) and iconic representations of monitored HEMMs.
  • Individual and cumulative tracking of HEMMs with the changes in states(loaded, empty, wait etc) also visually represented.
  • Replay of vehicle movements.
  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of online monitored HEMMs, are stored and displayed in a customizable format for advanced reporting ,trending and analysis.



  • Increased employee involvement.
  • Provides real-time accurate information .
  • Provides actual productivity and utilization information for optimizing the processes.
  • Monitor engine conditions and fault diagnosis for better maintenance and reliability.