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Tuyereye is one such camera based system which enables the operators to observe & investigate the health of the raceway & tuyeres from the control room monitor in real time.


Blast furnaces in steel plants are constantly striving for achieving higher efficiencies, lower operating costs, higher productivity & improved quality with more flexible use of raw material & lower energy consumption.

However, due to the harsh environment inside the furnace, it is impossible to visually observe the physical & chemical processes inside the furnace & hence the need for remote sensors for observing the blast furnace processes.



With the advent of Pulverised Coal Injection (PCI), constant monitoring of the tuyeres & the raceway has become important in order to avoid tuyere blockages.

The tuyere blockages, if left unattended, lead to:

  • Blowpipe, upper assembly & auxiliary equipment failure often resulting in furnace breakouts
  • Inefficient blast furnace reactions
  • Higher coke rate
  • Thermal instability


Tata Steel has developed the Tuyereye, a vision based furnace monitoring system which can be used to observe the condition of the tuyeres online using advanced image processing techniques.



  • Online inspection of all tuyeres of blast furnaces through CCD cameras using image processing techniques
  • Shows the thermal profile of the tuyeres indicating the temperatures, heat-zones and the blockage of the tuyeres as a percentage
  • Above a threshold value of the blockage, it generates an alarm for the operator to take necessary action
  • The live image and thermal profiles are retrieved in the form of movies and displayed for the selected tuyeres for live as well as historical data.
  • The camera arrangement allows for both manual and automatic inspection.



  • Online monitoring of each tuyere condition using image processing techniques
  • Alarm generation for blockage
  • The thermal profiles of the tuyeres may give an indication of the water ingress inside the tuyeres.
  • Gives an indication of the tuyeres where PCI is taking place.
  • Operator can take proactive countermeasures to avoid abnormal phenomena
  • Allows the operator to directly observe the peephole
  • May help the operators & engineers in avoiding furnace breakouts
  • High clarity & stable images
  • Easy to install