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Blast furnace top gas flow distribution monitoring is used to continuously monitor, in real time, the blast furnace top gas flow & charged material behavior.


Furnace Scope is able to observe charge and gas flow for uneven or irregular distribution so that the cause of the abnormality can be determined and appropriate remedial strategies be put in place.

Furnace Scope has been designed for continuous visual observation of whole blast furnace top interior and not for thermal pattern monitoring.

Furnace Scope monitors the gas flow at the furnace top, and observes the surface of ore or coke when their temperature exceeds the proper level.


  • Furnace Scope provides the operator with an image of the above threshold temperature gas flow through the ore and coke dust.
  • Furnace Scope provides the operator with an image of the material surface when temperature of the charge is at above threshold level.
  • Furnace Scope also provides an image of low temperature objects as it is equipped with a CCD semiconductor with higher sensitivity at low temperature.



  • Operator's confidence - Furnace operators can visually observe the operating conditions within a blast furnace all the time.
  • Distribution control of ore and coke being charged at the top of blast furnace.
  • Operational management by modifying operating methods
  • Abnormal operation prediction and its phenomenon
  • Gas ignition monitoring
  • Prevention of furnace wall damage