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Automation Division, Tata Steel Limited, has successfully implemented COSMOS, a Level-II automation system for Coke Ovens Scheduling and Heat Monitoring.


COSMOS ensures stable coke temperature by implementing mathematical model based heat input control and a disciplined charging and pushing schedules. Machine co-ordinator keeps track of machine operations such as charging, pushing, coal intake and its movement and interface with scheduling system.

The system has three major functions: Process Control, Scheduling System and Machine co-ordinator. The process control entails heat input control for a target regenerator temperature which is achieved by controlling pause time between two consecutive reversal cycles. The scheduling system ensures a disciplined charging and pushing operation by rule based schedule generation. It is flexible enough to allow deviation from the schedule if a particular oven needs special treatment, maintenance, etc.



  • Mathematical model based heating control
  • Charging and pushing scheduling
  • RF communication based inter-machine communication.
  • Inter-machine interlocks to ensure correct and safe operation.
  • Automatic oven machines positioning.
  • Oven maintenance module for generating maintenance schedule.
  • Oven condition monitoring
  • User friendly interfaces.



  • Fuel saving by optimizing heat input cycle.
  • Improved and consistent coke quality.
  • Increased battery life.
  • Reduced oven carbon.
  • Increased safety by autopositioning of equipment and cross battery interlocks.

AUTOSPOT system is another successful development and implementation that enables rail borne vehicles such as coke plant machines, cranes, transfer cars, etc to be driven to accurately defined positions either by assisting operator in identifying the fixed positions or as a measuring device for position controller enabling accurate measurement of position. The system is made very robust and the electronics have been specifically designed to function in harsh environments.


The AUTOSPOT system comprises of the following:

  • A sensing head
  • Logic processing module
  • Marker plates



The system employs infrared radiation to sense the passage between the optical transmitter and receiver, i.e. it operates on the interrupted beam principle.

Depending on the type of marker plate the system can provide identification whereby it recognizes the actual position being approached.



The following are the several advantages that AUTOSPOT has over other opto-electronic positioning systems

  • Precise and exact determination of position under harsh conditions.
  • The compact opto-electronic transmitter/receiver system is unaffected by dust, vapour, mist, etc.
  • Illumination problem is avoided by the interrupted beam principle.
  • Fast reading enables identification to be done even at high speeds.
  • The tough marker plates are unaffected by dirt.